An Easter in Hell?!

“Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence.”

-Hermann Buhl

A View from the Top

What in the world were we doing on Easter?! Well, I guess the title is a little misleading.

Hellhole Canyon Preserve

After a wonderful Easter service, Emmalie, Scout, and I visited Hellhole Canyon Preserve in Valley Center, California…not quite Hell itself. We actually were there the day prior and walked the 4 miles or so Canyon View Trail. After a hearty breakfast at church, we were ready for the 8-mile Paradise Mountain Trail (I was entertained by the fact that you walked out of Hellhole Canyon and up to Paradise Mountain).

We got near the base of the mountain and had a decision to make as there were two ways up: do we take the shorter, steeper way first or the longer,

The Challenge – Paradise Mountain

gradual route? After some debate, we thought it easier to come down the more gradual way. So, we began!

The steep route lived up to its name and at one point, there was a 0.8 mile stretch that was grueling! Plus, with no shade to be found, you really had to want to see Paradise!

At the top!

Just about the time we wondered why we chose this path, we saw the finish and had just a little way to go to the top. Thank goodness!

The top was incredible and offered fantastic views of Valley Center, farmland, and other mountain ranges. We walked along the ridge line and back down the other side.

Hellhole Canyon Creek seems pretty fitting for dry California!

Back at the house, to our dismay, after that strenuous trek, Scout brought me a ball to play fetch. How this dog has so much energy, I will never understand.

All in all, it took us about five hours to walk this gorgeous trail and is one I will not soon forget. If you ever find yourself in San Diego County and are up for a little hike, take the trip and here and give it a whirl!

Thank you very much for reading!



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