A Golden Day at Golden Ears

“After a day’s walk everything has twice its usual value.”

-G.M. Trevelyan


It has been a while since this trip, but I wanted to write about our hike at Golden Ears Provincial Park here in British Columbia. My brother, Ty, was up for the week and wanted to see mountains…so we went to the mountains!

Ty got to see the mountains

Initially, we had intended on walking around Chilliwack Lake (another hike we enjoyed). Yet, having done it before, we wanted to explore new territory. After some trouble finding the trail we wanted and a wrong turn (what proper trip doesn’t have a wrong turn?), we set off! That is, until Scout decided he found a good place to go to the bathroom. After cleaning the trail with a trusty bag and walking back to the beginning to throw it away, we were off for real!

The trail meandered through massive trees that must have seen a lot in their time. Then, everything began to be covered in green moss. The most striking view was looking down into a small ravine where the only thing not green was the flowing creek. The green moss covered rocks and trees alike.

Scout and his friend, The Stick

After this, we came to a calm bend in the creek where a rocky shore awaited us. We joined other hikers in cooling off for a moment. Emmalie threw a stick in the water and Scout took a nice dip. Once we started walking again, nothing was taking the stick away from him!

As the trail grew rougher, we could see a platform up above that we guessed was our destination. Sure enough, the sound of a waterfall confirmed it. We watched in awe as the dazzling water flung downward to the rocks below to continue its journey. We stayed for a long time, marveling at the majesty below before heading back to the car.

At the waterfall

It seems on the return trip of hikes, you are better able to think about things as you know where you’re going and need not be on the lookout for a hidden turn. This time, I thought about this world we are so fortunate to inhabit and how we are called to steward it properly. May God guide us in nurturing Mother Nature and giving her due respect, that our posterity might witness her splendor.

Thank you very much for reading!


A tuckered out Scout

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