Hello Sun!

“Here comes the sun, doo-dun doo-doo
Here comes the sun, 
And I say, ‘It’s all right.'”

-“Here Comes the Sun” (1969), by The Beatles

Scout and I at the Aldergrove Regional Park. The sun had come out after a long, dreary January.













We heard on the news this morning that 90% of the days in January were cloudy here in Langley. That sure made for a dreary month! I guess our old friend, the Sun, was just waiting for a new month to arrive because the rain has stopped to give us a beautiful day. It even reached a temperature as high as a balmy 46 degrees (Fahrenheit. I still haven’t mastered Celsius). So warm, in fact, that my glasses didn’t fog up when I came inside! It’s the small things, I suppose.

Big Brutus of B.C.?

With a day like this – and after being cooped up most of the last month – we ventured into the muddy and slushy remnants of January to discover a new trail. Scout and I picked up Emmalie from her job at the zoo and headed to the Aldergrove Regional Park. Our first stop was at a quarry across the street to see some old, rusty equipment they had sitting out as lawn ornaments. Scout and Emmalie were ready for the walk, but old tools always get my attention!

After my delay, we finally set off to the pond. Dodging mud and pools of water, we managed along the soaked trail, watching the sparkling reflection of the setting sun on the water. We saw a sign that said Western Painted Turtles live here. Interestingly, they burrow down into the mud during winter and hibernate. It said they will be back out and swimming come springtime, which means, of course, that we’ll be back to see them.

Emmalie and Scout at Aldergrove Regional Park

As the cool air of the evening set in, we completed our trek around the pond. Due to the waning daylight, we had to bypass many trails heading off into different directions. With more trails to explore and turtles to see, this is a place we will have to return to!

Finally, the Super Bowl is tomorrow. Will you be watching? As a native Kansan, I think I’m required to go for the Chiefs. So, my prediction (if it’s worth anything) is 34-28 Chiefs over the 49ers. It should be a fun game to watch and, of course, there are the commercials! I need to know that Mr. Peanut is OK!

Thank you for reading!



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