Scout’s Favorite Places

“Did you say…BALL?!?!”

-Scout, at least three times a day



As Scout and I were hanging out the other day, I asked him where his favorite places were. He just stared at me for a while (I think he wanted a treat) and instead of answering, just squeaked his toy. Despite his unwillingness to name a few places, I thought I might have a pretty good idea. If Scout could talk (and the stories he’d tell) here’s where I think his favorite places would be:


Anywhere He Can Survey His Kingdom


Scout has this strange belief that he owns just about everything. Those fries? His. That ball? His. This giant mountain range? Of course, it’s his. Is it a bad thing? Maybe. But, at seven years old, he is a Gen Z-er! (Blame the parents).


The Park


Scout is a simple guy. Sometimes all that’s needed is a Frisbee and a little space. We still think he has a future in agility competitions!


The Snowy Fields of Kansas Land


Being a California dog, we wondered how he would like the snow. After a thrown ball zoomed passed his head, he didn’t seem to notice it!


The Couch


It’s pretty rare, but even Scout gets tuckered out sometimes (as hard as it is to believe). He does keep you warm, though!


The Beach (As Long As There Aren’t Any Waves)


When we first got Scout in California in May 2015, we tried taking him to the beach. It didn’t take long to realize he did not like water at all! (Or so we thought). As our time neared an end in the Golden State, we tried one more time. This time, however, we went to a calm bay and sure enough, he bounded in with full gusto! As long as the water is calm, he’s ready for a swim.


Anywhere That Has Ice Cream


His love of ice cream has gotten so bad that he whines longingly every time we pass a McDonald’s. What started out as a nice little treat has turned into a borderline addiction! Good thing he exercises.


The Back Seat


Scout never knows where he’s going when he gets into the car. It might be the grocery store or it might be another country. Yet, he’s always ready for a trip and has traveled thousands of miles in his life with many more to go!

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