Second Chances


Last week marked 5 years ago that we took Scout home from an animal shelter out in California. Incidentally last week we decided also to bring a new dog into our home again.

So Footsore Friends, meet the newest friend: Bunty.

She is about 2 years old and spent her first year of life in a small fenced-in area outside with her brother 24/7. I imagine she didn’t have much human contact besides being fed. Before even turning 1 she had a litter of puppies with her brother, and who knows what happened to them. Her owner passed away and both her and her brother ended up at an animal shelter in Dodge City, Kansas. She has been there since October, which is a crazy long time. Her brother was able to go to a lab-specific rescue, but Bunty was denied because she didn’t look “lab” enough. Her first 2 years of life were spent in kennels. Luckily the animal shelter at least played with her and gave her attention every day she was there, but even still, a shelter can be a really stressful environment for a dog no matter how hard the workers try, and to be there for 8 months is a lot. She is amazingly resilient, though, as those of you who adopt a rescue dog will find that so many are! Especially considering everything some of them go through. Scout was one as well. Nevertheless, she is not and won’t be the “perfect” dog overnight, these things take time and we all need to show patience when rescuing a dog. She is coming around, she is getting used to people, she’s finding out what life is like inside a home (she had never been inside a house until we got her), and loves lounging on the couch! She is so sweet! It really is amazing considering she spent her whole life in a small outdoor area until now.

If you didn’t know before, you do now – we are huge advocates for adopting shelter dogs, they’re the best! For those of you considering adding a dog to your life, we highly recommend a shelter dog. Take a chance on a dog that isn’t a puppy (hint: puppies are messy, needy, and a lot of work!), a dog that didn’t come from a breeder or a pet store, take a chance on a dog that deserves a second chance. We all come with baggage, and we all deserve a second chance so why not give a dog that second chance as well? We can tell you from experience they love so hard, and it’s a beautiful, special moment when they come around and you know that you’ve made a connection and given them a home and a family of their own. Winning over the heart of a dog that has been let down by humans before is one of the best feelings ever and when they learn to trust you it creates a bond stronger than no other!

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