Can’t Travel Activity #2: Bake Some Bread


My mouth waters.

My tummy growls.

My nose can’t get enough.

You know what it is…baking bread!


So, things are opening up here in our neck of the woods, yet it might still be wise to limit great travels and faraway adventures…as sad as that might be. Plus, our trip to Europe has been postponed. Nonetheless, fun can still be had at home. One great idea: try your hand at making bread!

Emmalie has started her own yeast farm, meaning we have a new little pet to take care of. It’s something our ancestors knew how to do and is an enjoyable skill to learn. Plus, it will make your house smell simply delicious!

If you want to think about traveling, imagine yourself living out on the prairie baking over coals or in a medieval hovel rolling dough. (We have to use our imagination to travel nowadays!)

Give it a try!


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