About This Blog (And Me)

 What’s This Blog About?

The Footsore Traveler might best be described as “a storytelling travel blog”.

“What in the world does that mean? It sounds like you made it up!”

Well, you caught me. I did make it up! That’s because here at The Footsore Traveler, you won’t find any “The Only Guide You Need for Barcelona” posts, or “Top Things to Take to Southern California” lists. While those blogs and posts are important to any savvy traveler, that’s not what this blog’s about.

Instead, The Footsore Traveler strives to bring you stories from both the past and present (but not the future –‌ I’m not that talented), through the wonder of storytelling. These stories are from around the world, and might be ones that you would not have heard otherwise.

I suppose the best way to sum it up is that if you love traveling and reading stories, then this is the blog for you!

My biggest hope is that you enjoy reading the stories, are interested in the places they are from, and that they bring you some delight as you read through them. That would be pretty sweet 🙂

See you down the road!


The Traveler


Hello there! My name is Alexander, and I’m from the Great State of Kansas in the United States. I can’t tell you exactly where my wandering feet began turning into sore feet, but I can say that traveling has turned into a passion of mine. The ability to see this mesmerizing world God has created is something I am truly blessed to be able to do. Mix that with writing stories about where we’ve been, and I’m all in! Plus, whenever those two snazzy folks below here come along, it’s a wonderful time!

The Traveler’s Better Half

Blog - Emmalie1

Emmalie, my darling wife, has an adventurous spirit that often is the driving force behind our many escapades. She loves the beach, animals, reading, and – as you can tell – paddleboarding. She can also make a mean white chicken chili (my favorite!). Seeing this incredible world with her is the absolute best part of traveling.

The Traveler’s Best Friend

Bunty came to us after a sad beginning which is worth forgetting. Her favorite things in the world are food and napping. She especially likes napping on car rides, where she sleeps like a rock. Yet, when she gets in the mood, she is a great traveler who is ready for a hike. She also likes playing tug o’ war and snatching food from your plate, so watch out!

Our Travel Buddy, Scout


Scout was the first dog Emmalie and I had, and he was a fantastic travel buddy. He died at six years old after being diagnosed with leukemia. It was tough seeing him go in that way, but we remember all the great trips we took with him. Part of that memory is keeping my original bio on him:

Scout, A.K.A. “Mr. Obedient”, (when he wants a treat) is the one who really runs the house. He is always up for a car ride or a game of fetch and has probably traveled more than most dogs – and he still has more romping around to do! Just don’t say W-A-L-K around him unless you mean it!

See you soon, Bud.